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No matter your age or skill level, you will train at a high level and you will love it!

Do you have kiddos who run around the house making up their own songs or belting out every word of Hamilton?

Do YOU finally want to pick up that dusty guitar from the corner of the room and learn how to get started?

How about learning how to connect to your core or arrange for voices?

We have incredible programming this summer to help guide you to your goals this summer!

Kids Summer Camps

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Ways to Save!

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Will my child (or I)  sit in front of a computer for 5 hours straight?!

Absolutely not! WE can’t even sit in front of a computer 5 hours straight! :-) There will be mini breaks throughout the day plus a one hour lunch break in the middle. Also, the day will be broken up in many different classes and games that require getting up and moving! We’ll always keep your kiddos on their toes!

Do I need to have any songwriting experience for the Songwriter camp?

Nope! Come one come all! If you love to sing and have always wanted to write your own song, this camp is for you! 

Do I need experience for  the intro to guitar camp?

Nope! All you need is your guitar and an excitement to learn!

Are there any workshops that require prior experience?

Yes! The Classical Guitar workshop will require you to have basic fundamental knowledge of the guitar. This is if you feel comfy on the guitar but want to try a new style.

The Advanced Harmony workshop will also require you to have intermediate level theory knowledge. You need a basic understanding of scales, keys, and chords. This is for those of you who want to go to the next level and think about music in a different way!

The Vocal Arranging workshop will also require a basic understanding of scales, keys, and chords. This is for those of you who have always wanted to compose or arrange, or already do that and would like help with writing killer vocal arrangements!

What will I need to cook with Christina in the Master Your Body! Master Your Mind! Workshop?

Once you have registered, we will be sending you a shopping list and recipes! You don’t necessarily need to get everything on the list. We will let you know what we recommend you get and you can always just substitute with what you have!

“I’ve worked with Tegan in the past and I can say I came out much more confident than when I went in. She worked at a comfortable pace, was always positive and friendly and her talent and instruction is unmatchable! Tegan inspired me to escape my comfort zone on and off the stage and I am so much better for it!” 

Ashley McDonald,  Actress

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